Anki Hacking With Go

Overview Anki is one of my favorite apps of all time. I’m not going to waste your time explaining what Anki is, or gushing about how awesome it is. I’m assuming you already know and wanted to see how you can hack some scripts together to make your life easier. I made a ton of cards over the years for learning Japanese but it was only until about a few months ago did I think to myself “Why haven’t I put audio in my cards?

Tips and Tricks: Creating a Hugo Theme

I’m starting to create my own theme for Hugo and below I’m posting all the tips and tricks (aka everything I struggled with) I come across when making a theme. I’ll update as I go along so check back for more ^^o Contents Site Params in Archetypes Cycle Through Taxonomies | Access Var Outside Loop Context Site Params in Archetypes This one gave me quite a bit of trouble but with a little digging around github and the docs, I was able to figure out how to access .

Custom Index Page for Go Present

Overview Go’s present tool really comes in handy when making some presentations. I’ve been using it heavily for the Japanese class I teach. It’s really a simplistic and easy to use piece of software. My biggest problem is the index page. If I were doing talks on Go, I wouldn’t mind so much, but for my Japanese class it’s not really ideal. I wanted a way to host my slides without users getting confused by all the “Go Programming Language” or “Go Talks”.

Getting Started with Spring Data Rest & Spring Data

A Small Intro OKAY! If you’ve never used Spring Data before, its really easy to setup and its even easier to get a REST API up and running in no time. A Brief Tutorial For this example we’ll be using Spring Data JPA and the H2 database. Head over to and download a new Spring Boot applicaiton with the following dependencies: Rest Repositories, H2, JPA If you want to try your hand at a different platform, at the time of this writing, Spring Data Rest currently supports: JPA, MongoDB, Neo4j, Apache Solr, Apache Cassandra, and Gemfire

Improving Vim for Macs with Touch Bars

My Love and Pain I love me some Mac book. I was really happy when I purchased it. The new Macbooks at the time were ones with this new fancy Touch Bar. Seemed a bit gimmicky to me, but I thought whatever, I’ll give it a shot. It didn’t take long for me to get frustrated. I soon came to the following conclusion: the Touch Bar is the horrible. I miss my ESC key