Tips and Tricks: Creating a Hugo Theme

I’m starting to create my own theme for Hugo and below I’m posting all the tips and tricks (aka everything I struggled with) I come across when making a theme. I’ll update as I go along so check back for more ^^o Contents Site Params in Archetypes Cycle Through Taxonomies | Access Var Outside Loop Context Site Params in Archetypes This one gave me quite a bit of trouble but with a little digging around github and the docs, I was able to figure out how to access .

Custom Index Page for Go Present

Overview Go’s present tool really comes in handy when making some presentations. I’ve been using it heavily for the Japanese class I teach. It’s really a simplistic and easy to use piece of software. My biggest problem is the index page. If I were doing talks on Go, I wouldn’t mind so much, but for my Japanese class it’s not really ideal. I wanted a way to host my slides without users getting confused by all the “Go Programming Language” or “Go Talks”.

Getting Started with Spring Data Rest & Spring Data

A Small Intro OKAY! If you’ve never used Spring Data before, its really easy to setup and its even easier to get a REST API up and running in no time. A Brief Tutorial For this example we’ll be using Spring Data JPA and the H2 database. Head over to and download a new Spring Boot applicaiton with the following dependencies: Rest Repositories, H2, JPA If you want to try your hand at a different platform, at the time of this writing, Spring Data Rest currently supports: JPA, MongoDB, Neo4j, Apache Solr, Apache Cassandra, and Gemfire

Improving Vim for Macs with Touch Bars

My Love and Pain I love me some Mac book. I was really happy when I purchased it. The new Macbooks at the time were ones with this new fancy Touch Bar. Seemed a bit gimmicky to me, but I thought whatever, I’ll give it a shot. It didn’t take long for me to get frustrated. I soon came to the following conclusion: the Touch Bar is the horrible. I miss my ESC key